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OLIVARES CONSULTORES INMOBILIARIOS, S.L., with its business address in Valencia (PC 46002) Calle Doctor Romagosa,1, 4ª, Z. It was set up for an indefinite period of time by means of the deed signed on the 27th of January, 2005 before the Notary of Madrid Mr Ricardo Vilas Escauriaza under number 311 of his records and assigned TIN B84231588.

It is registered in the Companies Register of Valencia, in volume 9845, page 179, sheet number: V-161297. It is acting as the representative pursuant to the deed notarized on the 10th of March, 2014, before the Notary of Valencia Mr Ignacio Maldonado Chiarri, under number 510 of his records.


ALMARE has been created by the great architecture and design professionals Carlos Gilardi and Elvira Blanco.


Gilardi, the project director, is a prominent Uruguayan architect with over 40 years’ experience in the sector. His vision, taking in classical, modern and timeless styles, endows the homes at ALMARE with a unique character, successfully blending tradition, luxury and Mediterranean culture. Nevertheless, Gilardi makes effective functional use of the space, achieving a perfect balance between aesthetic and practical considerations. This ideal level of flexibility has made Gilardi one of the most prestigious architects in Europe. In the architectural design of Almare, he has had the invaluable advantage of working with architects of the calibre of Jaime Martín Callejas and Jaume Cortés.

Meanwhile, Elvira Blanco has put the finishing touches to the contemporary yet pleasant and welcoming living spaces. They attest to her 30 years’ experience, her host of awards and her many hugely prestigious residential and hotel projects.